Our Refugee Families Live In micro-villages.

In partnership with the refugees in our care, we develop micro-villages that meet their physical needs first. By keeping our villages small—in the range of 20 homes and 100-150 people—we maintain the familiar village social structure with which most refugees are familiar. This greatly minimizes the difficulties of transition and gives them the strong sense of community during displacement—which is often lost in larger refugee camps.


They Play At The Community Center.

Building a house is one thing, but providing a place of refuge is quite another. Our 8,000 square foot multipurpose facility, complete with a soccer field, provides both informal and formal educational programs for refugees and locals in Soran. We offer youth activities, adult vocational training, and English and Arabic classes.


They Learn at Nuroj School. 

When refugees move in to their homes, the first question the families ask us is, "How can we get education for our children?" These families are desperate to provide for their children's futures, and we could not be more happy to help them through our Love Does school.


They Receive Trauma Counseling.

We are implementing a groundbreaking trauma care program that offers psycho-social support to families living in our micro-villages. All of the families in our micro-villages have experienced life-transforming growth in the midst of their tragic circumstances. 


Love Does School.jpg

They are given medical Care.

We operate a clinic that services the needs of Syrian refugees, Yazidis, Arabs, and other Kurdish displaced people in our region. It is the first clinic of its kind, servicing the medical needs of as many as 5,000 people.



They grow in Personal Development.

At various times during the year, we provide activities in the villages for all ages. Visitors as well as staff have taught anything from English classes, jewelry making, crocheting, and knitting to sports and music. Nearly all of the folks in the villages—young and old—take advantage of these chances to grow and learn. 



they are provided with Relief.

Every winter freezing winds blow and snow begins to build on the mountain tops here in Northern Iraq. We step in to provide kerosene for heating for war widows and for the displaced under our care. Additionally, we meet other seasonal needs, such as providing blankets, mobile AC units, and more.