Certainly all of us deal with different levels of trauma throughout our lives, but the situation for a refugee is unique. In losing their home, their occupation, and oftentimes their loved ones, many of them have been left to process and cope with harrowing pain in a tent or makeshift home without much help, making it difficult to heal and move forward with hope.


How we help . . . 

Before any emotion or spiritual healing can be addressed, everyone needs their basic needs met. Thus, we make every effort to ensure that the refugees in our micro-villages feel safe in stable housing along with their extended family and friends. Each family is given virtual home ownership and autonomy to run their home and village as they see fit—the very thing taken from them by war. 



Then, and perhaps only then, is the natural next step to begin the arduous process of healing from the past. Through our specially trained local counselors, we are seeing the displaced under our care take charge of their lives and quickly regain their footing. Truly, it is miraculous to see! TRI is committed to this process of meeting immediate needs first, followed by long term life-saving work of inner healing in order that each person would have hope for tomorrow.