"One of the most important things we value in our work is longevity. We don't want to just come into a country and provide a fast fix—we want to provide contributions that will have generational effects. I've seen the way TRI makes long-term impact their top priority—they're in it for all the right reasons, and it makes all the difference." 

- Bob Goff, Founder of Love Does and New York Times Best-Selling author of Love Does

"In all of my years working with refugees and humanitarian organizations around the world, TRI's unique approach, authentic care, and outstanding success has people talking (and wanting to partner) from all over the world. TRI is pioneering innovative models of community care that are second to none!"

- Dr. Robi Sonderegger, Clinical Psychologist renowned for taking psychology from the frontline to the home front™.

"It is the successful wholistic model, made possible by a leadership that dares to think big in a challenging environment, that has inspired us the most. The community that has been created by TRI, offers an oasis for people coming from even the harshest of environments to create a new start and find empowerment to live a safe and healthy life." 

- Phil Hyldgaard, Executive Director of A21

Seeing the widespread impact of the refugee crisis in Northern Iraq, I am so grateful that TRI is there working alongside the families who have been hit the hardest. The dedication TRI has given this region is making a huge difference, and I'm proud to get to work with them as well. 

- Dae Eriksson, Executive Director of Love Does