You can make a difference!

Become a Refuge Sponsor! It’s your monthly support that enables us to continue being the hands and feet of Jesus as we provide shelter, education, and counseling for those who need them most here in Northern Iraq.

Building camps of refuge, restoring dignity and hope, and providing pathways back to independent living for those running from persecution.


Building a camp is one thing. Providing a place of refuge is quite another. TRI develops micro-camps in partnership with refugees, placing their specific needs first and empowering them with autonomy. The result is the formation of genuine communities of hope.


By keeping our camps small (in the range of 100 - 250 people), we maintain the normal village social structure that most refugees come from, greatly minimizing the difficulties of transition and giving them the strong sense of community that is often lost in larger camps.



Providing schooling for refugee children is our first task in bringing the refugees back into the pathways of progress and stability. We also work with local government and businesses to help secure vocational training and employment for the adults.